The Girl One is Me

My daughter is me. I thought it was my son, but I wasn’t paying attention well enough. Maddalyn is textbook ADHD and extrovert. She’s a people-loving, singing out loud Artist.

Michael P Wright
1 min readJul 10, 2022

My daughter, Maddalyn (age 6), is me. I thought all these years that it was my son — who happened to get my brain for building and mathematics. The girl one is far more like me. Of course, it’s not a contest. I’m just taken aback.

My daughter, Maddalyn’s canvas wall art.
Maddalyn Wright’s Canvas Wall as of 9 July 2022. See full resolution here: Google Photos

But, it’s Maddalyn. She has an all-artist brain. Her room becomes messy because she always expects to come back to play with each of the things. She’s a textbook cause of ADHD and zero impulse control.

She loves people and animals. She is extremely sensitive and touchy-feely. She radiates kind energy and makes strangers smile. She doesn’t want anyone to be disappointed in her.

She’s proud of her art. She wants her mom, dad, and grandparents to see what she made

She sings in the shower, in the car, she sings along to songs she doesn’t know the words to. She sings and hums tirelessly. It’s a peaceful place for her (me).

She has to be reminded that she’s been in the shower too long. Be right back…



Michael P Wright

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