Swim Lessons Week 2 | Mon Jun 20, 2022

Michael P Wright
2 min readJun 21, 2022


I watched this morning’s swim lessons with a smile — the whole time. Maddalyn looked more confident, and Aiden is way more focused. I wrote this draft at the pool — that explains the use of present tense.

Kids swimming goggles
The kids handpicked swimming goggles. Click image for full resolution.

Maddalyn, my 6 year old

Maddalyn looks more comfortable being in the water and performing exercises. For example, she didn’t bail on anything. She’s the more uncompromising of my two children, and last week, she said nope to a handful of the instructor’s exercises without trying them.

This week she continues in Level 1 of swim lessons. She looks so much more confident. She’s moving at the right pace, and I’m more impressed by the Instructor’s judgment.

Aiden, my 9 year old

Aiden is approaching his exercises completely fearlessly, and he’s thriving in his first Level 2 session this morning. His class him and another kid his weigh class. This is the main reason for my grinning like a proud dad.

A 2-person classroom is the ideal learning environment for him. He’s got plenty of attention from the instructor, so he’s focused in and not goofing off being a lot less distracted.

We also walked-rode to the pool from our duplex — 0.4 miles. My idea was to expel some of the kids’ excess energy with a half-mile bike ride. It seemed to work well enough, and I got a little exercise from it.

Satellite view of the walk to the Goss Rd Pool from my street



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