Snowman Industry and the Power of Fearless Play

Michael P Wright
2 min readJan 23, 2024

Children remind us of that thing we must preserve to enjoy our work and to love the ideas we create in our grown-up lives. The people-but-smaller beings navigate the world with a magical, self-perpetuating wonder.

The kids gave birth to a snowman on a day when there was no snow. On the day following 1 week of freezing temperatures. As I watched them quickly and carefully carry home the fully intact snowman from the playground, I thought they could launch a very decent snowman delivery service — just really turn the snowman industry upside-down. Then, I thought to myself there’s an idea I couldn’t have imagined because…It’s almost 50° out right now, and it would melt…The snow leftover looks dirty…My gloves aren’t waterproof though.

With no similar thoughts, the kids had gathered enough leftover snow, ice, and all the wood accouterments and then made this snow masterpiece. Why? Because they could.

No in-depth analysis before launch?

They didn’t consider that the temperature outside was warming and the snowman might not survive the rest of the day. They didn’t worry that he was slightly shorter than the other snowmen in the league of snowmen. They never stopped to consider the unlikelihood of success. They made it because that is what play is.

Play isn’t talking yourself out of doing something because of doubt because of how many times you failed before. It isn’t second-guessing your skills or experience in the snowman industry. Play doesn’t require the conditions around you to be perfect. Not only does play not feed itself negative self-talk, play doesn’t even stop to listen.

I want that[wonder] for me

I want to live in that fearless and imaginative place — in my relationships, in my family, and in my professional experiences. I pray to preserve that love of just doing what feels right in the moment without doubting myself. Without considering all the risks in a spreadsheet. Without building out a contingency plan. I want to play — create content, write books, speak to Tech groups — for the love of the game.

No, no playtime is not over.



Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, Black American Dad, and Tech Early Adopter.