Purple Rain Effect and Dentist Feels | Wed Jun 16, 2021

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Michael P Wright
2 min readJun 16, 2021


I created this journal to celebrate my 38th birthday, to force myself to write every day, and to totally copy thought expert and author Seth Godin.

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I think it’s perfectly natural to feel as good leaving your Dentist as you do when leaving your Therapist. The soundtrack of today is Purple Rain by Prince — one of the most perfect collections of music ever assembled. Ever.

The genius Prince could have shaken the world during any time period he was born. How lucky was I? How lucky are we to have been alive while this human being was creating art?

There’s no review I could give that would represent the effect of these songs. I’m not worthy anyway. I’ll share with you some of the feels I have listening to the songs on Purple Rain.

Before and while listening to Purple Rain, I want to

  • Pursue off-limits women
  • Maintain unblinking eye contact while talking with women
  • Emphasize my gratitude at the end of a phone call by saying the woman’s name in a way that might prompt her to call back immediately
  • Send audio or video messages in DMs instead of written messages
  • Mistakenly interpret gestures of kindness
  • Make anyone in a conversation with me feel sexier and more important than before the conversation began
  • Express in creative ways the feeling that I absolutely cannot lose at anything right now

That’s the Purple Rain Effect.



Michael P Wright

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