No, Thank You | Wed Jan 12, 2022

“No, thank you” has a comma. However, we don’t say it with a comma. For whatever reason, we’re more comfortable declaring that we’ve run out of thank you’s or that thank you’s can no longer be purchased.

Saying the phrase without the comma — meaning pausing after “no” — can sound like you’re being pretentious or an asshole. That’s not what you’re going for I’m sure.

Saying “no, thank you” with the comma or pause sounds like you’re declining the offer while still showing gratitude.

Try it out. Pause after saying “no” for a half-second. Spice it up a bit with an upward inflection on the thank you. Sounds a lot different doesn’t it?



Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, Black American Dad, and Tech Early Adopter.