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I was wrong about the prime of my life when I declared it was ages 24–31. That period was a physical peak, sure. But right now, I’m in my prime right now.

Michael P Wright
2 min readOct 8, 2023

I was wrong about the prime of my life when I declared it was ages 24–31. That period was a physical peak.

I was my strongest and most physically capable, yes. I ran my fastest 1.5-mile time during the Air Force fitness assessment (PT test for short). I even stopped studying for the run test — about 3–4 weeks before my PT test, I would prepare for the 1.5-mile by doing 400m repeat workouts. While stationed at Keesler Air Force Base, I was so confident in my athleticism that I rode a road bike from my D’Iberville apartment to the fitness test location on Keesler AFB with the giant red track next to the base’s flight line.

I had a banana after the bike ride while watching the fitness test video then proceeded to destroy the test (again). After that, I stopped studying for my PT tests. My point with this flex is that that period was clearly the peak of my physical ability. However, it couldn’t be called my prime.

Prime time

I feel like the prime of my life has just begun. Today, I’m the most self-confident, self-aware, decisive, professionally knowledgable, and financially stable I’ve ever been. My support system is thriving. My kids think I’m a good father and so does the love and light of my life. I love a young woman who’s a great mother, friend, and companion, and someone with whom I’m planning an abundant life.

I believe I can accomplish anything — any of the ideas in my running document of Inventions, fitness goals, spiritual milestones, mental health healthiness, etc. I feel like I can’t lose. Honestly, I feel a little bit invincible. Dare I say it? I’m in my prime right now.

Retake a PT test post-retirement

I’m thinking about making a fitness goal to pass the Air Force Fitness Assessment with a score of 90 or better. It would be interesting and very cool to achieve. That’s taking each component as is with no substitutions. I’ll need to pass that waist first. We’ll see what happens.

We would watch this same video before beginning our PT tests. Ah, memories. Cringy, cringy memories.



Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, Black American Dad, and Tech Early Adopter.