M3GAN (2023) Movie Review for People with Short Attention Spans

Michael P Wright
1 min readJan 11, 2023
  • Whoopsie! Did somebody forget to install The Three Laws of Robotics?
  • When I got my popcorn, I thought I was walking into Beach House Barbie Child’s Play. I was mistaken.
  • This movie is about grief, addiction, and a twisted alternate ending of an Isaac Asimov short story.
  • Spoiler: M3GAN looks that creepy the entire movie.
  • Ronny Chieng was born to play an angry, high strung CEO.
  • Allison Williams is a goddamn actress. I like that she looks like Jennifer Connelly😍.
  • Good news: The hallway dancing scene was not ruined by the movie trailer.
  • Seriously, I thought I was walking into a ‘Chucky movie’.
  • I feel like the movie covered its bases on the sci-fi science.
  • M3GAN was a good movie. I was not expecting good. I was expecting gore and comedy.
  • Best line: “I’m sorry. I thought we were having a conversation.”
  • Alfred Hitchcock, Isaac Asimov, and Sia would be proud.





Michael P Wright

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