I am revisiting the book Purple Cow to give priority and focus to my ideas

This morning, I began rereading Seth Godin‘s Purple Cow. I want to save myself from being stressed out and overwhelmed by the weight of having so many ideas I want to watch.

Michael P Wright
2 min readSep 7, 2022

I am revisiting Purple Cow by Seth Godin. My ideas are breaking my brain. The only way I can think to prioritize my imagination spawns is by their standout potential to amaze, turn heads, and prompt admiration.

Purple Cow by Seth Godin audiobook screenshot via Libby app (iOS)

I am relying on Seth to help me sort out the pieces. Here’s what’s happening. I have ideas for web applications, consumer products, and literature. I want to create them all, test them, tweak them, then discard or launch the ideas.

I have zeal. I have no mentor. I have the enthusiasm and good articulation. I’m in no mastermind group — a safe space for me to talk and critique ideas with other Ideas People and professionals.

Is a mastermind group a solution?

I suspect that I could benefit from each of those things. At the moment, they’re not within an arm’s reach. By the way, forming a mastermind group is another one of my ideas.

Coincidentally (or ironically), I’ve dreamed about forming a master line for at least four years now. I could be getting a little off track. Rereading Purple Cow by Seth Godin is a resource I’m using to give myself more direction, so the weight of having so many ideas is stressing me out or mentally shutting me down.



Michael P Wright

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