First Turo Trip as a Host Went Great | Mon Jun 28, 2021

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Michael P Wright
2 min readJun 28, 2021


I created this journal to celebrate my 38th birthday, to force myself to write every day, and to totally copy thought expert and author Seth Godin.

,,Posts about my experimenting with Turo and renting out my car

I have very little to report about my first Turo trip as a host. The CRV is making a weird sound at high speeds, and I got a “5” rating.

My kind driver put 1444 miles on the CRV for the 4-day trip and returned the car 5 hours early. They are trip average 361 miles per day.

I have an appointment with my local Honda service center tomorrow for an oil and filter change. I’ll add to the list of items to check the brakes or bearings to see what the sound is about. Hopefully, I don’t need an alignment.

Plan for implementing a mileage limit

360 miles per day or 1444 miles in four days is a lot. I’m keeping free unlimited mileage as a perk for now. My plan is to review my drivers’ miles driven after 5 to 10 trips to calculate a daily average. Then, I’ll take that data and decide If I want to set a mileage limit and add Unlimited Miles as a chargeable Extra.

We will see how it goes. I think that the free unlimited miles is a major factor in my CRV listing getting so many bookings as it has this soon. It may or may not be lucrative to remove that free offer from the listing — especially if the average daily miles driven by my drivers is something reasonable*.

* I’m still working on determined what is reasonable. That will be part of the research.



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