First Paid Turo Delivery | Wed Mar 30, 2022

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Michael P Wright
3 min readMar 31, 2022


Today, I dropped off the CRV at a guess home about 6 miles from my apartment. It’s not my first Turo delivery to a guest, but it’s the first paid delivery.

The first time I had to deliver a car by accident. When I originally listed my first car, the CRV, I didn’t know that Guest’s location was turned on in my trip preferences. I still don’t know if it was set that way by the fault or yes doing a exploring the settings I turned it on. Naturally, since I wasn’t aware that it was turned on, I had not set a price for it. That means that someone could’ve reserved a car and ask for delivery at any address for free.

Luckily the Guest‘a location was nearby

I got lucky because the person who made that first delivery reservation lives less than 5 miles from me. So, I sucked it up and made the delivery.

Later on, I discovered that you can set your own fee for offering delivery — a delivery fee that covers both pick up and return of the vehicle. Most importantly, you can set by miles the radius that sets how far the pick up and return address can be from your home.

Location and delivery screen, Turo iOS app

I eventually settled on $1 per mile where I’ll delivery to a guest’s location within a 10 mile radius for $20. Remember, that the fee charged covers both pickup and return, so 10 miles out + 10 miles back is 20 total making my price $1 per mile.

Lightbulb moment: Enhance the design and features of an app when no one asked me

I have some ideas about how that part can be improved. I intend to draw it out in a Figma or more likely Adobe XD.

While I was walking home, I opened an Evernote and made notes about redrawing specific screens of the Turo and showing the idea I have for a better way for Hosts to charge for Delivering to a Guest’s location. Stay tuned for that. It would be a conceptual project I’ll add to my UI/UX portfolio.

Anyway, the idea gave me a whole idea about the info I could attach to the concept design as sort of a presentation of it. Who knows, suggesting improvement designs could land me a job.

I really walked by home

Workout summary, Apple Watch screenshot
Workout summary, Apple Watch screenshot

I walked home by the way. I figured if I got tired or felt like walking the 5 miles then I could call an Uber. It worked out fine. My feet are sore, so I’m not walking back to pickup the car tomorrow; it’s a one day rental.

I’ll ride my bike to pickup the car if the weather isn’t a tornado. The CRV can hold my Trek 8.3 fine with the back seats folded down — even better with the bike’s front wheel taken off.



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