About My 2nd Ride on the V11 EUC

Today, I rode my InMotion V11 EUC for the second time. This ride went 72x better than my first. Spoiler: I wore my motorcycle boots.

Michael P Wright
1 min readJun 27, 2022

Today, I rode my InMotion V11 electric unicycle (EUC) for the second time. Ever. This ride went incredibly better than the first time.

Sidi motorcycle boots and InMotion V11 electric unicycle on patio
Sidi motorcycle boots and InMotion V11 electric unicycle on patio. Full resolution image here.

To summarize how much better, the first time I rode the unicycle I held onto the fence of a tennis court starting and stopping. This afternoon on that same tennis court, I did figure-8’s between the tennis nets. Is that what they’re called, tennis nets?

What was different from riding the V11 today versus my first ride in May? Motorcycle boots. I had a hunch that using my motorcycle boots would give my feet and ankles more stability and control the unicycle better. I was 200% right. During my first ride on the unicycle, I wore Reebok Nanos — lesson learned.

I rescued my Sidi motorcycle boots from storage weeks ago. I loved the boots and I rode them with my Repsol Honda CBR1000RR and later my Yamaha XT-250 (aka THG LYF). I freakin love the boots, and I’m so damn happy I can put them back to work again.



Michael P Wright

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