A Grandiose Dream of Closing Shop after Recording an Episode of a Popular TV Show | Thu Jun 2, 2022

Sometimes, I talk about my very, very lucid dreams. Dreaming is top three coolest part of my day.

Michael P Wright
2 min readJun 2, 2022

I was working backstage for the filming of an episode American Idol/America’s Got Talent show. The venue was inside of a building with a really high roof an indoor track.

A bunch of buddy’s from high school were there. One of the HS buddy’s had a younger handicap brother who drank water through an area in the back of his head-neck by backing up to a faucet. I mention this for the same reason I mention any of this: I dreamed it. What was significant about the handicap sibling was that there was only the one bathroom, and the sibling seemed to need a lot of water. That made washing my hands after using the bathroom hard because I had to get the HS buddy to communicate with his brother. There’s no path where I use the bathroom and don’t wash my hands.

Outside the building with the American Idol, the rest of the crew and I begin locking up and notice someone in a thirst-trap outfit running on the track. Someone mentions that the person just started working out as the building was being closed. Some HS buddies roast the person’s outfit and their audacity. I chuckle and walk outside.

A handful of affluent friends go to their rental cars to catch flights. I intuitively know we’re in Texas although I don’t know where American Idol/America’s Got Talent is filmed. I jokingly ask the group if anyone is s stopping by L.A. and wants to drop me off. I must live in L.A. They laugh and a couple play along about giving me a ride around the corner and whatnot.

I thank them for the laughing with me. They’re fun people. With my backpack on, I take a few running steps toward a street and jump into the air. I’ve decided to fly home — taking an airplane hadn’t occurred to me because I’m dreaming, I suppose. I turn and yell to the group of buddies, “I have a secret!…I have a secret!” as I’m upright with my arms raised and shoulders shrugged floating backwards higher into the air.

It sounds really corny now, but it felt extremely cool. My body was position exactly like Mother in Necromancer Mode from the show Raised by Wolves — now streaming all episodes from Season 1 and Season 2 on HBOMax.

Like this but screaming or angry or grey. Picture a grown man with an overpacked laptop bag.

The dream ends as I’m floating into the sky. I didn’t make it to the clouds before my alarm went off. That’s a downer. Flying is almost always my favorite part of dreams. I regret not remembering sooner that in dreams I fly.



Michael P Wright

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