1 Share Birthday Present on Each Kid’s Birthday | Fri Jun 18, 2021

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Michael P Wright
2 min readJun 18, 2021


I created this journal to celebrate my 38th birthday, to force myself to write every day, and to totally copy thought expert and author Seth Godin.

This year, I started a thing to buy the kids ateast one share of one stock they pick on each other their birthdays. They pick from a list of stocks I’ve set.

Fidelity app watch list screenshot

I gave my son the choices of Apple, Disney, Nintendo, Netflix, Sony. He didn’t let me get through the list before he said Nintendo (NTDOF).

He couldn’t see the share prices when he picked, but he somehow managed to pick the one that stretches my pockets the most. I already committed though so Nintendo it is.

Investment accounts for the kids

I’m opening an account for each of them in Fidelity. Also, I think it would be wise to set a call at $500 birthday share spend limit for a share they pick that has a higher price than $500/share.

My vision looks like this:

  • Every kid’s birthday, I add a share to their respective account — added from a stock they pick
  • Every Christmas I add $50 to each of their respective S&P 500 funds. Because I’ve started that this year too
  • Stocks with dividends will have dividend payments rolled back into more shares of that stock
  • Hang small posters or dry erase boards with the tickers and their today price with their price at purchase: ticket, share price at purchase date (or average purchase dates), share price today

That last part is the fun part. I’ll start with dry erase board, but I like the idea of posters with number tags that can be flipped around the different numbers. I feel like I can make that with some wooden tiles.



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